Our Father, Our Heroes

World’s Greatest Dads

Third Sunday of the Month is the day we celebrate the day of the worlds greatest people – our dads. This is the time that we honor them for all the hardships they endure to rear us the best that they can be turning nights into days and days into nights.

I’ve read a certain story regarding how Father’s Day came to be. It was first celebrated by a certain person for understanding and appreciating the works their dad made after their mom passed away. It was indeed an honorable act being able to show your appreciation of the efforts your dad has made.

Honestly, I’m not that too much of a person that shows my emotions. If there’s one thing that I’m afraid to show, it’s always been my feelings. For me, showing such make a person weak… but I am wrong.

To all the Father’s out there, we thank you for being there. For the times that you’d prefer to just drink water so that you can feed us. For going way beyond and for being our providers. Thank’s for everything! It’s all because of you, whatever you did that made us what we are now.

Happy Father’s Day!

We salute you for just being who you are… We salute and thank you for being our dads. We are proud to tell that world that you are our Father!

Happy Father’s Day to all of you!


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