Sexual Orientation and Religion

During the past months, I’ve been reading quite a lot of fuzz about gay people, legalizing gay marriage and religious views regarding the matter. To be honest, I don’t really give a damn to what people has to say.

Being called gay is not actually an issue. However you call us, it’s still the same. We are just as human as what “straight” people would say. We are not clothes so labels are not of any importance at all.

I was just browsing my facebook account when I saw someone posting a note regarding Many Pacquiao quoting gay men should burn in hell or whatever. I did not pay attention to whatever he has to say. I never liked him anyway. What I actually took notice of is the exchange of ideas on that particular post.

It’s so funny to hear that a lot of people would say that all gay people will burn in hell. They talk about gay people not at peace with God and even stating the fact that gay people are irresponsible individuals wanting to avoid the responsibility of rearing a child.

For me, the arguments stated by those close-minded fools is really annoying. They talked about us being sinners like they have never sinned before. They called us irresponsible like they are the most perfect individuals that ever existed on the planet. And they talked about being gay as if it’s a form of a contagious disease that needs to be avoided.

My take on this matter is just simple:

First: Being gay is not a disease. It’s a way of life. It’s an individual choice. A “straight” guy won’t become gay because of their constant exposure with gay men. Whoever thought about this shows how ignorant that individual is.

Second: Yes we are sinners! But it’s not because we are gay but rather because we are human. Being “straight” doesn’t mean that you are free of any sin. It’s not even a valid “passport” to heaven. We believe in God, our creator and we are at peace with the Lord.

Third: We are not irresponsible people. You don’t even know that weight that most gay people carry around. You don’t know anything about us, so quit judging us.

Lastly, if we go to hell then see you at the party…

Hillary Clinton - Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton – Secretary of State
PS: I do not own the picture


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