Security Tips Against Metro Manila Taxi Schemes

I remember my life when I was still in the province. I can go out at night with no fear of what’s going to happen since I know that I am safe and secured.

When I first came here in Manila, I never thought that I will experience the  things I saw on TV. Manila, being the capital of the Philippines is popular for harboring a lot of criminals. Robbers, thieves and all sorts of crooks.

Recently, I’ve heard news of taxi and Fx drivers robbing their customers. One can no longer tell, if they will reach their destinations safely or not. I’m not sure but I somehow lost trust in people assigned to keep us safe.

It’s just a bit hard since we rather wish to be safe not just for Filipinos but to tourists as well. This is just a reminder and a tip on how to at least get a bit of security  when you are in the Philippines:

Security Tips Against Merto Manila Taxi Schemes
Security Tips Against Metro Manila Taxi Schemes

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